How you can Donate Your Time and Give Back to the Community

Randy Lewis, the author of “No Greatness Without Goodness,” believes that all people and businesses have the responsibility to make the world a nicer place. So does Infinity Group Australia.

Even though there are leaders and companies that receive considerable publicity and well-deserved accolades for charitable work, there are also hundreds of thousands of Australians who donate to charities to make the world to help make the world and lives a little sweeter. These projects are sponsored by churches, community organisations, schools, and charities. But despite the ongoing success of these projects thanks to financial support, Infinity Group Australia reviews that volunteers are always needed.

Why Volunteer?

Some people think that their success and position has been justly earned without help from others along the way. This way of thinking is selfish and naive. Nobody gets through life completely on his or her own merits. Even if help is not always apparent. Therefore, everyone has a debt to repay and a reason to give back.

“Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good & without financial gain.“


In addition to fulfilling a responsibility, Infinity Group Australia reviews the benefits of volunteering. Primarily, it makes you happier. A Harvard Business School study confirmed that happier people give more and giving makes people happier.

Another benefit of donating your time, energy and efforts is that you receive immediate feedback as to what your contribution means to the ones receiving it.

What areas can you volunteer in?

There are numerous ways you can volunteer according to Infinity Group Australia.

Australia in 2010 shared the first place of top world list for volunteering.

Think of volunteering in arts, sports, schools, aged care, community safety or emergency services. You can take action on climate change, help the homeless, disadvantaged people, or refugees. You can participate in causes for social justice, stopping racism or animal welfare.
If you want to use or develop skills you can donate your time in research, administration, tutoring, management, technology, and much more.
Whether you want to volunteer long term or just on occasion, there are one-off events, short-term projects, and long-term roles.

Whichever opportunity you choose, you’ll be strengthening communities and enriching your personal and professional development.

Infinity Group Australia reviews Volunteer ideas.

Offer to help family
In most instances, elderly parents are the ones who need help the most. Drop by for a coffee in the weekend, mow the yard, or accompany elderly parents on a shopping trip. If you have lonely family members, invite them to your kid’s rugby game or other family activities.

Volunteer at your local school
Some teachers are overworked, stressed, and need help. Too many parents and community members think it’s someone else’s responsibility to solve the problems of education. However, schools work best when the community is actively involved.

Children need role models, and that can be you. You can read stories to elementary school students, monitor outdoor activities, chaperone field trips, or spend a Saturday gardening the school grounds. Whatever you do, your efforts will be much appreciated.

Organise a Garage sale for Charity
Organise a garage sale for your community, dedicating the proceeds to a local charity. Almost every household has electronics, clothes, furniture or other items that can be sold because they’re no longer in use.

If you don’t have time for a garage sale, you can donate the items. These items have value and can be recycled to people who will use them again.

Spend time at a nursing home
Unfortunately, many nursing homes are dumping grounds for older people whose families are either gone, unavailable or unwilling to care for them. Many people in homes for elderly are lonely and are desperate to spend time with people outside their home.

You can make an elderly happier by just spending an hour or two a week with him or her. A little time can make a huge difference in the wellbeing and outlook of the elderly. Additionally, you may learn something about life from those who already traveled the journey of life.

Coach a local youth team
Many sports clubs don’t have enough volunteers. Because of this, many kids don’t have the opportunity to participate in sports because there aren’t enough coaches or assistants. In almost every sport in every community, there are openings for compassionate teachers and volunteer coaches. Some experience is helpful, but often not essential for you to be a good coach.

Serve meals to the Homeless
There are plenty Homeless Food Preparation opportunities across Australia as the need is high. You can dedicate as little or as much of your time to serving homeless people as you like. Every volunteering hour is precious to those who need it.

Serve on a community board
If your talents are administrative, or if you have executive or board experience, your skills are beneficial to non-profit, community-based organisations.

Be a good neighbour
In many neighbourhoods, neighbours hardly know each other. Knowing your neighbours increases a sense of security and connection to the ones around you. Many neighbourhood associations have community programs where you can help. Or assist with neighbourhood park projects, and represent the community to local government officials.

Volunteer at a hospital
Hospital volunteers are very much needed and appreciated. Volunteers provide crucial support to hospitals, and additionally offer comfort and convenience to patients, families, and visitors. Volunteer opportunities can include everything from managing information booths to sitting with patients or entertaining children. Duties might also involve food service or pushing wheelchairs. Hospitals always have volunteer needs that are suitable for all ages.

Tutor a student
Students include individuals of all ages, not just children. Teaching to adults can change their lives. Teaching someone English can expand his or her horizons, and making the student able to further interact with communities.

If you want to volunteer but are unsure what you want to do, you can check your state’s volunteer opportunities here.