Infinity Group Australia Reviews Charities.

Infinity Group Australia reviews and recommends charities to support the Australian non-profit industry. Infinity Group wants to stimulate people to donate by making the ‘selecting a charity process’ easier. This is why Infinity Group reviews and lists honourable and approved charities.  

Ways to Support a Charity

Infinity Group Australia Reviews Different Ways to Help Charities. 


If you don’t have financial resources to support by donations; charities appreciate volunteers just as much. Every charity is different, therefore every need for volunteer actions is different. It might be providing food to homeless people, fund raising or support disabled children. 

Donate Items

You might have items or canned food laying around which you don’t need. Give them away! Lots of donations would love to have your second-hand items. Think of clothing, shoes, books, video’s, toys, games, sports equipment. Every item that you would throw away, can make someone else happy. 

Make a donation

Of course, the traditional and easiest way that most people are familiar with is financial support. By donating some of your money, you can have a significant impact and the charity can select the best way to use your money in the field. 

Infinity Group Australia Reviews Proudly Sponsors

Salvation Army Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal

Infinity annually supports the salvation army Christmas Wishing tree appeal. This year Infinity donated in excess of 150 presents.

Aaron's Wish

Infinity Group Australia has for the past few years supported Aaron’s Wish, which donates all proceeds to the cancer council.


Swags for the Homeless

Infinity Group donates in excess of 100 swags almost each year. The swags were donated to HandsAndFeet


The Beauty Bank

Infinity donates to The Beauty Bank to give women in need a little luxuries in life that so many people take for granted.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Supporter of the RSPCA Cupcake Day to fight animal cruelty.


NSW Hockey Rep

Proudly supports the Grassroots Kids sports in the community NSW Hockey Rep. 

Why Your Support Matters

Statistics have shown that growth in charitable donations in Australia is slowing. A little more people give, but people are giving less. Generosity is decreasing. At Infinity Group Australia we believe that if you have enough to live comfortably, it is good to give back to those who don’t.

“Sharing is caring” is a cliche, but still holds true.


Story behind Infinity Group Australia Reviews

We believe in giving back to our loved ones, our communities but also people we don’t know. 

At Infinity Group Australia reviews we are always seeking out partners that can enrich the lives of our clients, our community and other people. Our partnerships are built on Care, Integrity, Passion and Trust: the same values we have founded Infinity Group upon.

Select a Charity to Support

Choosing a charity you want to support is difficult.There are many fraudulent non-profit organisations on the market so it requires due diligence which takes time. To make it easy for you, Infinity Group Australia reviews charities to create a selection that you can choose from. The non-profit organisations below are some that we reviewed, trust and recommend.

Aaron’s Wish

Aaron’s Wish is registered with and supported by the Cancer Council and all funds raised go directly to Brain Cancer research. Over the past 4 years nearly $200,000 has been raised at Aaron’s Wish​ charity dinners for the fight against brain cancer.

Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue liberates the enslaved and restores those who are abused. Already working in various nations, Destiny Rescue will keep growing to reach more and more children.

World Vision

World Vision works with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Their programs and aid have added to the wellbeing of 100.5 million children throughout the world.

RSPCA Australia

Unfortunately there is still a lot of animal cruelty. The RSPCA is committed to helping animals in need through their state-based Inspectorate services and promoting their care and protection.

Infinity Group Australia reviews Australian Donations Statistics

People are donating less in Australia. Infinity Group Australia researched the statistics to see how many people donate, how much they donate, which state gives most and which age group is most generous. 


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News & Updates

Infinity Group Australia Reviews Ways to Volunteer

Infinity Group Australia Reviews Ways to Volunteer

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